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Llandyrnog Mature Cheddar Scones

cheddar scones

I am a self confessed scone-o-holic,there is no denying it,a warm pot of tea and a fresh scone is an event that turn any frown upside down!!


These beautifully simple cheese scones not only give me and Seren the opportunity to do our best hamster impressions as our cheeks expand like puffer fish in flavour nirvana,but also give me the opportunity too introduce a locally produced mature cheddar that has a beautiful balance between flavour and texture…


Llandyrnog mature cheddar would sit strong on any cheese board for the most concerted cheese lover just a easily as it sits atop “The Grouse Inn burger” on our specials board when the opportunity arises It is immense,a personal favourite and i can only urge you too try it.


Another flavour combination that i urge you to try would be one that seems to have been locked in the farmhouse vault for all these years too give these hardened,well weathered workmen the cutting edge for the afternoon,and that is the often ridiculed cheese and jam.the sweetness met with that bold cheddar tingles on your taste buds like licking a freshly charged nine volt battery,its delicious.


So here we have it nice and simple,I use this mix too make four large,rustic cut scones that i can throw together for a luscious lunch,but feel free to delicately stamp out eight for your afternoon tea if you that way inclined!! just cut them thick for a nice tall,moist scone


Llandyrnog mature cheddar scones


8oz S/R flour


2oz Butter


2oz Grated cheddar (plus extra too top)


1 tsp baking powder


1 tsp mustard powder


1 tsp salt


Freshly ground pepper to taste


150 ml milk


-Mix flour,cheese,baking powder,mustard powder,salt and pepper in bowl


-Rub in butter until resembling breadcrumbs


-Make well in middle and add milk,quickly mix together too form dough and turn out onto floured work surface,cut scones as desired


-Brush tops of scones with milk and top with sprinkle of cheese


-Bake in 220 degree pre heated oven for about 13mins


chNow,butter at the ready and get the kettle on.these wont last long!!


I better dust off the flask because i’ve got a feeling we’ll be seeing these at our first shoot day of the season…it’d be rude not to!!


Any questions just pop me a message


Enjoy,speak soon




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6 thoughts on “Llandyrnog Mature Cheddar Scones

  1. Wow! Thumbs up for your amazing bake!


  2. I do love a good savoury scone..and these look incredibly delicious. I must recreate the recipe, they are perfect to be paired with a good cheese, relish and glass of wine!


  3. Just wondering if it is 220 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit?


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