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Roast green pepper and courgette soup


It truly amazes me the things that my Dad,most often referred to as “the mole” grows in his little hillside plantation these days,

DSCF1653The amazement never stems from his ability to grow the culinary delights,but always as to why he grows them,(a)because he doesn’t even like half the things and (b).he struggles with the concept of cooking beans on toast leave alone rustling up any sort of fresh from the garden delight!! but plonkers will be plonkers so ill leave the mountain hobbit to it and reap the rewards myself!!


As me and my partner in crime little Seren were eyeing up the possibilities, we were spotted by said mountain hobbit man who almost danced a gardeners jig at the prospect of palming off one of his bizarre football like courgettes… so i could only conclude that he must have been fed these by my Mam in every form,stopping just short of scooping out the middle to feed him a chicken dinner out of!!

Beggars cant be choosers so i decided to take the opportunity too whip us up a bowl of greenie goodness even the incredible hulk would be proud of,if you don’t happen to be donated a mutated courgette yourself I’m sure a couple of normal beauties will be just fine

Roast green pepper and courgette soup

1 large courgette or two normal courgettes

1 onion

2 peeled and diced potatoes

2 green peppers

2 chicken stock cubes

100ml cream

Dice the courgette into equal sized pieces and place in a roasting pan with the chunky chopped peppers and onion,toss in oil then sprinkle over a little sugar and roast on a high heat until the skins of the peppers are blackened and the aroma of caramelisation fills your kitchen,

Mean while bring the potatoes to the boil with the stock cubes until tender then once the roast veg is ready,combine into the potato pan and blitz with a hand blender add the cream,and if too thick add a little water until just the way you like it,season and serve with some chunky bread and butter

A simple tasty treat,as always any questions just get in touch

enjoy,speak soon



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2 thoughts on “Roast green pepper and courgette soup

  1. Hello from Canada!
    I found your blog through foodgawker…. And plan on making your roasted green pepper and courgette soup tonight!! Over here we call courgettes “zucchinis” and I have a ton of them in my garden so it’s always nice to find new ways of using them up.
    Love your blog… Keep it up 🙂


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