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Pigeon Pie

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As me and my right hand lady “Alys-y-bala” were spending yet another evening feeding what seemed like quarter of the population in the little Kitchen we loving refer to as the cave, we herd the chirpy beep of our message tone over the sizzling pans and jet like extractor fan,I’m not quite sure why one of us doesn’t change our tone to save confusion……but i suppose it adds a bit of excitement to our not so eventful weekends!!

It turns out it was my phone,now this doesn’t happen very often….and i was met with an image sent from Little Al of his two spaniels sat to attention,over their trophies for the evening,Four wood pigeons…i wasn’t sure if he was just winding me up knowing full well that i was stuck in the cave or if this warming image held an underlying motive…..

Roll on a couple of hours later as the kitchen was winding down for the night and in they strolled… not only little Al but dead eye dick himself,Mr 20/20 vision…Rhys “The Boss” Williams looking smug as you like,with the rattle of empty cartridges still in their pockets and dressed like the Mayors of the mountain,When i’m presented with four beautifully prepared pigeons ready for the roasting tin! now thats how we like to end a shift!! (accompanied by a pint of course!)

So in honour of my fellow countryside crusaders heres my humble take on the pigeon pie

Pigeon Pie (serves 4)

2 Carrots

1 Onion

1 Garlic clove

1 Leek

1 tspn oregano

3 tspn parsley

1 Glass of red wine

4 Whole pigeons,ready for the pot

1 Can of dark ale (or a pint if your close to a pump)

1 Pack ready rolled puff pastry

Chunky dice the carrot and onion and sweat off in a medium heat pan until browning,then add the chopped leek,diced garlic and cook out.

Add the wine and reduce by half,then add the birds to the pan,fill with veg stock (made up from a cube is fine) until the birds are almost covered then either put the lid on or tightly cover with foil and bring to the boil,

Gently boil for around the two hour mark until the birds are tender and then remove from the pan,allow to cool slightly and strip the meat.

While stripping the meat add the herbs and allow the stock in the pan to reduce slightly,then taste, season and thicken slightly with cornflour….this gravy will taste incredible from the flavours that have infused from cooking.

Once the gravy is ready add the stripped meat back in the pan and portion into dishes,egg wash the edges of the dish and cut the pastry to fit the tops,egg wash the tops then make a small hole in the middle to allow the steam to escape

Bake these for around 14 minutes in a 190 degree oven until the pastry has risen and is firm to the touch……then forks at the ready!

Any questions just leave me a message

Enjoy,speak soon


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2 thoughts on “Pigeon Pie

  1. These pigeon pies look seriously delicious. I have never cooked with pigeon before.. thanks for the inspiration, it’s definitely something that I will be trying.


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