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Kopparberg Braised Venison

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This tale of chance encounter once again starts with an unexpected message from the modern day equivalent of a carrying pigeon known as Facebook messenger,but this time i wasn’t met with a warming picture taking me to a place I would much rather be,nor a random invitation to a culinary masterclass from a craft baker…..

This message was from Dear friend and loveable rouge Mr Gerallat Yaxley a gentleman i’m sure a few of you reading this are more than familiar with,and have spent many an intoxicated evening in the presence of,and i am simply presented with the question “do you want some venison for your blog mate?”

Now….the imagination has been fired up,and my curiosity all ready has the better of me as I cant imagine my Moroccan sunset haired friend has been deerstalking and knowing Gez i’m expecting a story like this…..

“Well to be honest mate,I woke up and I fancied an iron brew so I decided to drive to Scotland, but I was starving so I stopped off in a pub for two Angus burgers,because I’d only had a full english for breakfast, then i got talking to a chap and it turned out he was a long lost cousin of mine Gerald McYaxley so we ended up having a few glenmorangie’s and when I woke up I found a deer in my car….Must have been a good night”

But sadly it would seem times are changing as we grow older and wiser and he had simply been given this beautiful piece of venison from his farther in law to be, Saved him a few quid on petrol i suppose!

Obviously I took him up on his offer and this slightly sweet,yet undeniably savoury concoction is what i ended up with it’s verging on been the countryman’s answer to sweet and sour! haha

Kopparberg Braised Venison

1kg approx diced leg of venison

2 carrots,finely diced

1 Onion,finely chopped,

1 Garlic clove,finely chopped

1 bottle of kopparberg mixed fruit cider

1/2 cup of beef stock

Now this first part in my opinion is a key part of this recipe as it not only thickens the sauce but it also adds a mass of flavour to the pan, you need to coat the diced venison in seasoned flour and seal these in hot oil until a lovely dark brown crust forms on them, don’t over crowd the pan as it needs to keep hot,I put mine through in 4 lots.

as your doing this start sweating off the diced veg in a large pan,once soft and browning the sealed meat can be added,after the last batch of meat has been sealed add the cider to that pan and scrape off any meaty goodness thats left then add everything into the veg pan,A heavy bottomed pan is really what you want for this job.now simply add the stock in and put a lid on the pot and gently simmer for an hour and a half until tender, check the seasoning and your ready!

Now you could have this with mash,put it in a pie,make a rustic venison cottage pie with it the fridge is your oyster! I just hope that this recipe will add an extra inch to Mr Yaxley’s constant cheeky grin!!

enjoy,speak soon,


braised venison-012

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2 thoughts on “Kopparberg Braised Venison

  1. That looks fab Dave, we will have to try this one out. I think a celeriac/parsnip mash could work really well.


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