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Simply Special #1- Mahoosive Yorkshire Puds

DLP-1-3There seems to be a massive mystery surrounding Yorkshire puddings,as if only a select few who have been chosen to be passed on the dark art form from generation to generation have the power to unlock the golden rise of the humble Yorkie…… I must have discussed this with my Mam a hundred times, but I don’t think she ever quite trusted my recipe,yet every time she would see them she would ask…..”whats the secret Davey?!!”

There really is no secret as any kitchen with a Sunday roast worth serving will have been using pretty much these staple Yorkshire pudding practices -If your doing individual Yorkies do yourself a favour and get a muffin tin, one of the ones that are twice as deep as the fairy cake ones as those will only serve to rob you of half the Yorkie you could have been eating! 

Crack the oven on full whack,put a bit of oil in the bottom of each of the moulds and put it in the oven for a good fifteen mins to get smoking hot -safely pull it out with a thick towel…. We would’t want to burn those fanny scratchers! And place it on a roasting tin before adding the mix, this will stop any excess oil ending up on the bottom of the oven, smoking your house out for the rest of the day.

Now add the mix quickly and pop them back into the middle of the oven for 25 mins, then turn the infero down to about one eighty for the last ten but DO NOT open the door….or you will end up with Yorkshire pancakes instead of puddings! after 35 you can risk opening the door to inspect the beauties but be quick and make a decision…. But if they do drop a bit its not the end of the world…. You’ll know for next time! I tend to make my Yorkies first as they only take a min to warm through after you pull your roasties out later, that way your not tying your oven up when your trying to serve that family feast….and thats it, simple as that, hot oil and hot oven with a door kept shut as tight as a ducks ass! What the big secret recipe for success? Simply the same amount of everything! One cup of eggs, one cup of plain flour-it Absolutely has to be plain tho, and one cup of milk…. Whisk together until well combined and season to your liking!- so go forth and conquer! Speak soon, Dave x

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2 thoughts on “Simply Special #1- Mahoosive Yorkshire Puds

  1. Tiffany on said:

    I have always wanted to make them. And frankly, I love the way you titled it. I think I’ll call mine Yorkie Puds… Heh, puds! I love it. Thank you for this recipe.


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